Leading a greens uprising

Revolutionaries, rebels, rogues… call us what you will. We take pride in being changemakers, out to break traditions and conventions, to find a better way. No more compromising on flavor, freshness or quality. No more sacrificing our planet for bumper crops. Welcome to the new green era.

Keep Your Hands Off My Greens

Traditional field-grown lettuces are coated in pesticides and dirt, and they’re frequently handled during growing and harvesting. The more human interaction these greens are subjected to, the more risk for contamination.

At Queen of Greens, we won’t stand for our greens to be treated that way. Grown hydroponically and chemical-free, our washed and ready-to-eat greens aren’t interfered with during their gentle growing process.

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Our greens thrive on change

Think Fresh. Eat Local.

Nothing zaps flavor and nutrients from baby leaves more than a week-long road trip from some farm on the West Coast. With our local greenhouses, we’re overthrowing this system. Get ready for access to the freshest, most flavorful greens available year-round and grown within miles.

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From Greenhouse

Picked practically
from your backyard

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To Grocer

Packed and shipped to your local grocery within 24 hours

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To Table

Experience amazing
just-picked flavor

Power to
the planet!

Carbon emissions from country-wide transportation, water waste, soil pollution… what we eat and how we get it impacts the future of our earth. By growing our greens in local, hydroponic greenhouses, we use significantly less water, less land, and less fuel to bring you even fresher, more flavorful crafted blends.

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Fact: 90% Less Land Use*

*vs. traditional farming

Fact: 90% Less Water Use*

*vs. traditional farming

Fact: 95% Less Fuel Use*

*vs. non-local shipping

Rising Above

Our Greenhouses