A brave green world.

Our innovative greenhouse system takes technology in agriculture to new heights, enabling us to grow our greens the way mother earth intended–eco-friendly, pesticide-free and untouched.

Image of greenhouse interior

the modern

We’re redefining boundaries in growing greens, and it starts in our state-of-the-art greenhouses. Leading-edge software eradicates the need for shocking transplanting or hand-to-plant interactions while moisture, exact nutrients, even sunlight distribution is carefully monitored.

Our ground-breaking greenhouses allow us to be kinder to the earth by harnessing the power of the sun, eliminating soil use, and recirculating unused water.

Image of lettuce growing

of greens

You can call us control freaks; we prefer to be the rulers of our own domain. A controlled environment is a safe environment.

Because we grow our greens hydroponically, we don’t need soil or fertilizers. No dirt means no harsh “-icides” of any kind and no-GMOs. Plus, the ability to maintain ideal temperature and climate conditions enables us to offer a consistent and steady supply year-round.

Untreated. Unprecedented.

to the new
green era